Mūsų paslaugos

Įgyvendinkime audringus projektus kartu!

Skaitmeninis marketingas

We will suggest the most relevant and useful communication methods for your business, building new bridges between you and your audience. 

Digital marketing

Analysis of existing communication.
Selecting and managing the most appropriate channels;
Developing and improving short- and long-term strategies;
Visual and textual content creation;
Managing comments and posts;
Developing, analysing and improving paid advertising strategies;
Analysis and optimisation of existing strategy tools;
Influence marketing

Performance marketingas

Analysing and improving brand positioning;
Developing, implementing and improving performance strategy;
Target audience refinement and testing;
Tracking and analysing results;
Process optimisation;
Selecting and implementing new tools and solutions.

Kūrybiniai sprendimai

Creating and developing a brand identity;
Visual content creation;
Creating text content;
Development and implementation of complex marketing solutions;
Public relations
Press release
Email marketing.

Verslo renginiai ir įmonių vakarėliai.

Konferencijos, Socialinės akcijos bei aktyvacijos. 

Opening of new business spaces.

Koncertai, festivaliai,
vieši renginiai.

Renginių organizavimas​

The events we create are unforgettable experiences that turn into your stories, which are fun to listen to. They are events that last a long time in your memory. Dress up and relax, and leave the rest to us.


Script, film locations, lighting, editing, actor casting, voice-over casting, etc. We can help you create video content according to your needs.

Live broadcast.
Online events.
Conferences, training, corporate films, corporate events, live streaming.
Advertising campaigns.
Representative videos.
Music video.